Wednesday, 27 January 2016



When we think of Spring, our mind immediately reflects on rebirth, a rejuvenation, a renewal, regrowth or even a coming alive. Spring can also connote a coming forth. Generally it is a time of bloom. A time to flourish. My Spring has arrived.

I started this blog in March 2014 with very high hopes of documenting the things I discover in my journey through life. Soon, I became distressed at the lack of time to write and gave up. I forgot my 'WHY'. I stopped writing entirely after this and focused on other aspects of my life for over a year. The things I discovered over the past year, I refused to write about. I was my own obstacle course. As I write this, mental excuses why I shouldn't start are running through my head and I am here telling myself, 'Isn't your 'why' important?'

Our motivation to continue what we are doing is the 'WHY' we started in the first place. It is the push (for some people, the shove) that got us to start. It is what keeps us going in the face of discouragement and obstacles. We can only 'Spring Forth' after facing obstacles. Springtime comes after winter (plants die and the landscape becomes seemingly bleak yet when the time come, beauty rises).  

The economic forecast may seem like winter now but, spring is coming. Your business may  seem as if it is an aquifer now but one day you will burst forth and experience a rushing like never before. All we need to do is focus on our WHY.

I wish you the best of 2016 as you spring forth, flourishing in all areas of your life.