Friday, 1 July 2016



The players file to the dressing room. There is fanfare, celebration, disappointment, discussions, hope  and more, as the observers await the return of the players. In the dressing room, the mood is different. there is reflection, retrospection, after which they re strategize.

The year has gotten to the halfway mark. As a player in the game called life, it is time to review. "Has my game plan been working?" Not always I think. "What about all those goals I wrote down in January?" I begin to search for the crossed out goals that signifies achievement. For a moment, I get discouraged but as i reviewed the 'WHYs' of some goals, I realized there were some goals I achieved that were not even part of the 2016 plan. Sometime, somehow in my journey these past six months, I had improvised, taken another part and in some instances surpassed the initial goal.

2016 has another 6 months to go. We can't continue to beat ourselves about the past First half. It's time to try new tactics, change the game plan and work towards achieving the goals we need to excel.
Get out there! Your observers are waiting. Some are hopeful and ready to cheer you on. Some are waiting to see your outcome. Ultimately, the game is yours, Give it all you've got!

To our Success I Cheer!!!