Friday, 1 July 2016



The players file to the dressing room. There is fanfare, celebration, disappointment, discussions, hope  and more, as the observers await the return of the players. In the dressing room, the mood is different. there is reflection, retrospection, after which they re strategize.

The year has gotten to the halfway mark. As a player in the game called life, it is time to review. "Has my game plan been working?" Not always I think. "What about all those goals I wrote down in January?" I begin to search for the crossed out goals that signifies achievement. For a moment, I get discouraged but as i reviewed the 'WHYs' of some goals, I realized there were some goals I achieved that were not even part of the 2016 plan. Sometime, somehow in my journey these past six months, I had improvised, taken another part and in some instances surpassed the initial goal.

2016 has another 6 months to go. We can't continue to beat ourselves about the past First half. It's time to try new tactics, change the game plan and work towards achieving the goals we need to excel.
Get out there! Your observers are waiting. Some are hopeful and ready to cheer you on. Some are waiting to see your outcome. Ultimately, the game is yours, Give it all you've got!

To our Success I Cheer!!!

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Samaritan Spirit


The parable of the good samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) is a bible story familiar to many christians. The parable was an answer to a question on what we must do to inherit eternal life. Don't worry, I am not preaching. It is worthy to note here though that the samaritans were considered outcasts, rejected by their jewish siblings for their unbelief in the doctrines. Despite this state, the times Jesus mentioned them, they were capable of gratitude and kindness towards their fellow man.

What am I getting at here you ask? Despite the situation we find ourselves, we are all capable of extending a helping hand. We are all capable of expressing gratitude. Many times though, we refuse to do these, denying ourselves of God's favour. I can't help but wonder about Olajumoke Orisaguna, the bread seller turned model sensation, (We all know the story there is no need to rehash it and if you don't, all you need to do is type in the name in google search). I keep thinking;

 'What if Tybello had simply asked her to leave the set?'

 'What if after editing the images, Tybello hadn't considered how pretty she looked in front of the lens?'

'What if  no one had raised the question, if she was a model?'

 'What if Tybello had chosen not to search for the mystery bread seller model?'

All these possibilities could happen because the power of decision laid with Tybello and she chose to help. She chose to extend a helping hand along with others, to bring a beauty in obscurity to limelight and the experience of stardom. How in your own little way are you extending a helping hand? How are you showing gratitude to God for the blessings he daily showers on you?

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

You are Your Creativity!

How many times have you seen an image, a design, an artwork... and think 'How creative the individual is No, wish I could do such an amazing work'. How many times have we looked at famous individuals and wondered when we'll receive such accolades?
In my journey as a photographer and content writer, I have come to the saving knowledge that all the creativity we are searching for is in us. all we need to do is harness it. It doesn't end there. there is also the willingness to do the work involved in bringing forth this creativity. God said 'let us make mankind in our own image, in our likeness..' (Genesis 1:26). Before then, God had been creating! If we have been created by God in His image and likeness, then we have His ability to create. To be a likeness of someone or something is to exhibit traits of that person or something. We, also have to create. 

Each day God created, there was an advancement in the creation. It's the same process we must also undertake. Our first creation may seem simple enough but as we continue to create, our creations grow in complexity and our mind open to the possibilities. 

American professional basketball player, Kevin Durant said; 

'Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard'

It is not enough to know we can do it. We must act and when we get stuck, it is all the work we have put in and are still willing to invest, that will inspire us to success. Remember the 10000 hours rule? It claims that the key to achieving world class expertise in any skill is to a large extent, a matter of practicing that skill the correct way for 10,000 hours which can be accomplished with 20 hours of work a week for 10 years. A week has 168 hours. A year has 8760 hours, Imagine the possibilities we can accomplish within a year. It's all up to us.

At the Beginning,

Feeding Piglets, National Theatre, 2014

Nike Sneakers, National Stadium, 2014

Today, here I am...

At the suspended lake, Ado Awaye, Oyo State, 2015

House Interior Photoshoot, Lagos, 2015

Yours truly using a phone and ambient light from the window

 Chandeliers, Radisson Blu, Lagos, 2015

We only use 10% of our brain's capacity. Really? I am sure we can expand this if we so desire. The possibilities around us are endless. Are you willing to work your creativity?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016



When we think of Spring, our mind immediately reflects on rebirth, a rejuvenation, a renewal, regrowth or even a coming alive. Spring can also connote a coming forth. Generally it is a time of bloom. A time to flourish. My Spring has arrived.

I started this blog in March 2014 with very high hopes of documenting the things I discover in my journey through life. Soon, I became distressed at the lack of time to write and gave up. I forgot my 'WHY'. I stopped writing entirely after this and focused on other aspects of my life for over a year. The things I discovered over the past year, I refused to write about. I was my own obstacle course. As I write this, mental excuses why I shouldn't start are running through my head and I am here telling myself, 'Isn't your 'why' important?'

Our motivation to continue what we are doing is the 'WHY' we started in the first place. It is the push (for some people, the shove) that got us to start. It is what keeps us going in the face of discouragement and obstacles. We can only 'Spring Forth' after facing obstacles. Springtime comes after winter (plants die and the landscape becomes seemingly bleak yet when the time come, beauty rises).  

The economic forecast may seem like winter now but, spring is coming. Your business may  seem as if it is an aquifer now but one day you will burst forth and experience a rushing like never before. All we need to do is focus on our WHY.

I wish you the best of 2016 as you spring forth, flourishing in all areas of your life. 


Friday, 16 May 2014

DRUMS- The Voice of Old transcending to the Modern World

Stories of old are replete with how drums are used to convey messages and to celebrate special occasions. From making announcements to declaring war, drums have played significant roles. It is said that every drum has its spiritual connotations.  In our modern world of today, musical instrument are numerous and diverse yet the drum still play a significant role in melody. The drum though an accompaniment in most cases now, has its own sweet melody that appeals to the ears. Recently, I was fortunate to meet a spectacular drummer and dancer extraordinaire. He is Tayo Sam Oluwasogba popularly known in the dance circuit as Ijotayo. He is the owner of the dance troupe, Whitestones Culture Ambassadors. His dexterity on the drums drew my attention to them and raised my curiosity. We delight in the melody produced by these drums but never bother to know the difference in these various drums. He will be our guide in understanding this aspect of culture.

A typical drum is made up of the wooden hollow component which is the body and in some cases; it is made of clay or metal and the skin across the hollow though some may not have a skin covering. It is a general belief that a drum has only three (3) musical notes ‘DO RE MI’ but a typical round drum has Three hundred and sixty (360) notes from the centre to the membrane. Your dexterity determines the production of these notes. Also, the shape of the carved wood determines the tune of the drum and each tribe has its own wood for carving out drums. The art of drumming has to be learned because every tribe and dance has its own sets of drums and mastery of these is important. Another important thing of note is, every drum has its dos and don’ts which must be understood because of said attached spirituality. Like any musical instrument that has to be learned, drumming has its theoretical and practical aspects. It is important to note here, that a good and pure heart is needed to play a drum successfully.

The first set of Drums in most drummers and dance troupes' repertoire is the Badagry Multipurpose Drums consisting of 5 different drums. These drums are so called because they originated from the  Badagry area of Lagos State, Nigeria. These drums are Molo, Gberesin, Paure, Tehun/Sohun and Apesin. They are all carved from the same wood known as the White wood (Igi Omo) except Apesin which is moulded clay. Gberesin is the mother Drum of this set while Molo is the metronome giving the melody. Molo is the smallest in size of this set and is three (3) in number. Each stands for the 3 major Musical notes, “Do, Re, Mi“. Gberesin is never played alone because it only produces one musical note “Re”. It either backs up Tehun or harmonizes the Molo drum.

Tehun and Paure are standing drums. The difference in the two is that Paure has the shape of a fish and has a stand that allows the drum to be over it while playing while Tehun comes in different sizes and heights. They both can be a lead drum during a performance. They carry the three musical notes and can be played using the hand or drum sticks. It’s worthy of note to say that the size of the drum stick, is usually the size of the drummer’s hand from the elbow to the wrist. The last of this set is the Apesin which is made from clay and is gourd like in shape. The drum skin is placed at the mouth of the gourd. Apesin is a mother drum that speaks the deep tone of the Badagry people and has only two notes, “Re and Mi”. A combination of these five drums can be adapted to play most traditional dances. Below is a video link to show these drums being put to use; Sounds of the Badagry Multipurpose Drums





APESIN (in this case made of metal)
In the modern world, the rhythm of the drum is not lost as they still play a vital role in the display of African dances and seen in this Badagry Dance Routine displayed by members of the Whitestones Culture Ambassadors. Enjoy!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Potatoes in Soy, Honey and Vinegar Sauce.

It was Sunday afternoon and just coming back from church. I was famished and thinking what I would love to have for lunch. I run through what is available at home and all I could think of was potatoes. I knew I had to come up with something fast. spying the vegetable seller along my route( my emerency ingredient customer), I though a salad will be a good idea. Ouch, I didn't have enough money so I bought only a head of lettuce and some carrot thinking something could be made from this. Cooking a meal is a process. You have to think about the ingredients you want to use, how to use them, the cooking time and the presentation of the food. I personally love to savour my food when it looks so good. In Nigeria, Potatoes are usually either boiled or fried. We are not so much into elaborate cooking processes yet, we would spend huge amounts of money to have a continental meal. Well, Like I wrote on my earlier post on Going Continental with Avocado, with a little effort making a continental dish is easy. I believe this post is just in time for the Easter Celebrations.


Meat/Chicken- steamed and cut into bite size pieces.
Potatoes - 6 medium sized pieces quartered and boiled.
Lettuce- 1 head. Shredded
Carrot- 4 Large pieces (or as much as you want)
Onion- 1 medium size
Garlic- 3 cloves
Ginger- 1 small piece. 
Note: you'll have to blend the ginger and garlic together or pound it in a small kitchen mortar.
Cameroon/Cayenne pepper- 1 teaspoon.
Dark Soy sauce- 2 teaspoons
Honey- 2 1/2 tablespoon
Apple Cider Vinegar- 3 Tablespoons.
Maggi- to taste


Cut the carrot into small pieces. and slice the onions. Put your frying pan on low heat. Add 1 Cooking spoon of corn oil and 1/2 cooking spoon of sesame oil. When slightly hot, sautee your onions, add the blended garlic and ginger. keep stiring till the aroma of the garlic comes out. Add your carrots and keep stiring. You need your carrots tender, yet crunchy. Now I used hot dogs cut into bits for my meal so I added it early on to the carrots. Add maggi to season. (Note: you are not using salt as this is already in large quantity in the soy sauce). Add the potatoes and meat and stir. Leave on low heat for a minute. While this is on fire, mix the Soy sauce, Honey, Apple cider vinegar in a small bowl until consistency is same. and then pour over the steaming potatoes. Stir until all the ingredients are coated with sauce then take it off the fire. In your serving plate or platter, With your hand thoroughly washed, shred the lettuce onto the plate, and serve the potatoes on it. Dribble excess sauce at the bottom all over the potatoes.. Viola! Your meal is ready. The result of my cooking...

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Role of a Photographer's Assistant.

The last couple of weekends, I have had to attend some events to assist my boss in photography. Being an enthusiast, I always take the opportunities he gives me readily (The pay also comes in handy). While driving to each event, we always start with some prep talk and updates and over time I have come to learn that as a photographer's assistant, these are the basic  roles you will be playing;

1) Sounding Board

Expect to have ideas bounced on you to check their viability. Most times, with my boss, we do this on the drive to the event. The photographer expects you to have your ideas on how to maximize equipment, lighting, and time to achieve the most evocative photographs. So while he's sharing his ideas, he expects you to speak up when asked what you think. It's not about passivity but about generating waves of ideas in line with what the client wants. 

2) Secretary.

For the job, you will be his secretary, documenting every detail that is necessary. More times than not, the photographer is in a creative mode and it is better for him not to constantly have to break this flow to attend to mundane details. Your job also will entail communicating with the client on an adhoc basis during the actual shoot and ensure that the photographer covers every detail of the event. In essence, like the office secretary that ensures her boss keeps to schedule, you will be doing the same.

3) Prop

Well, this may sound funny but it happens. You may become part of the prop in a shoot. I have been a silhouette to cast a needed shadow to being a light stand from time to time whenever necessary.

4) Model

Yes, Model! In setting up, you will be the test subject often. You role is to help the photographer determine his camera settings while exploring the venue and its lighting especially if some portrait shots are involved.

5) Secondary Camera

This is the fun in be an assistant. You are the photographer's back up, moving crane and what have you. Without the intense pressure of being the primary photographer, your role is to create another perspective. Sometimes, the photographer's angle may not always produce the most evocative photographs. Note here that except asked to be one, it is advisable to stick to the other roles of assisting the photographer.

6) Gear Carrier

This last role is perhaps the essence of  you being his assistant. You will be helping the photographer to carry his gear and keep an eye on it while he's shooting. It's important that to be good in this role, you have a working knowledge of each equipment packed. From lenses to mundane things such as tapes, their use must be known. Also, speed and efficiency is important in this role so having a foreknowledge of how the photographer packs his gear box is important.

As a photographer's assistant, it has been a fulfilling experience for me knowing I helped create memories that our client will appreciate in years to come. Do you think there are any other roles you play as a photographer's assistant? Please share.. Looking forward to learning from you too.