Monday, 22 February 2016

The Samaritan Spirit


The parable of the good samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) is a bible story familiar to many christians. The parable was an answer to a question on what we must do to inherit eternal life. Don't worry, I am not preaching. It is worthy to note here though that the samaritans were considered outcasts, rejected by their jewish siblings for their unbelief in the doctrines. Despite this state, the times Jesus mentioned them, they were capable of gratitude and kindness towards their fellow man.

What am I getting at here you ask? Despite the situation we find ourselves, we are all capable of extending a helping hand. We are all capable of expressing gratitude. Many times though, we refuse to do these, denying ourselves of God's favour. I can't help but wonder about Olajumoke Orisaguna, the bread seller turned model sensation, (We all know the story there is no need to rehash it and if you don't, all you need to do is type in the name in google search). I keep thinking;

 'What if Tybello had simply asked her to leave the set?'

 'What if after editing the images, Tybello hadn't considered how pretty she looked in front of the lens?'

'What if  no one had raised the question, if she was a model?'

 'What if Tybello had chosen not to search for the mystery bread seller model?'

All these possibilities could happen because the power of decision laid with Tybello and she chose to help. She chose to extend a helping hand along with others, to bring a beauty in obscurity to limelight and the experience of stardom. How in your own little way are you extending a helping hand? How are you showing gratitude to God for the blessings he daily showers on you?